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Schools across the country are closed for the past three months due to covid-19 pandemic that sends students away from their classes.

This led to the introduction of some measures by some state governments in Nigeria to resume academic activities for the students. 

Gombe state is not left out as it introduced the school learning program on radio for the students to catch up.

It was on 20th July, 2020, the state government commenced the program on radio on four stations for SS 1, 2 &3 students in the state.

The state ministry of education says the program was designed to make up for academic losses for students due to the closure of schools as a result of the Pandemic.

However, some of the students interviewed in the metropolis Usmna Garba, Lawan Hamza, Musa Adamu and Ibrahim Ibn Ibrahim said they are aware of the program but find it difficult to listen due to some reason.

They said “we are finding it hard to listen because most of the time the program runs in the radio we are busy with our business activities”

Some parents who spoke to progress radio about the program, said, it is a welcome development but is not enough to keep the children busy as some might not pay the needed attention.

“Sometime we will listen partially without catching anything from the lessons” they added.

A lecturer with Federal College of Education Technical in Gombe, Dr. Jamil Mikha’il says the process is one of the method of transferring knowledge to the learners especially in this pandemic period but has its own challenges.

Dr. Mikha’il added that if adequate consultation been made in the first instance, the schools would have not been closed.

Many believed that the government should sustained the program before the reopening of schools in the country so that the children at home will not be left behind.



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